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100/200 YARD RANGE


 1. All shooting must be done from the standing or sitting position with the barrel above the shooting bench. Shooting from a kneeling or prone position is PROHIBITED between the shooting benches.

2. You may shoot from the standing, kneeling, or prone position at targets set on the firing line north of the concrete shooting benches. The individual shooting lanes in this area are marked by yellow striping.

3. Shoot only at approved targets, which on this range are as follows:

a) Paper or cardboard targets mounted on club target stands, placed at 25, 50, 75, 100 or 200 yards. No cans, bottles, boxes, etc. are permitted.

b) Clay shotgun targets (pigeons) may be used as targets and must be placed on the face of the impact berm, no higher than 48 inches measured from the ground to the top of the target.

c) Personal target stands made from wood or PVC may be used and must be placed at 25, 50, 75, 100 or 200 yards. Personal target stands MUST be the same height as club target stands so bullets will die in the impact berm. d) Metal swingers may be used as targets but must be placed at the base of the 100-yard or 200- yard impact berm - no closer to the firing line than 100 yards for safety reasons (bullet splatter and ricochets), no exceptions. The top of metal swingers may not exceed 48” in height measured from the ground to the top of the metal.

4. All members must clearly communicate and receive acknowledgement of others when declaring the range COLD or HOT. The lead person declaring the range cold is responsible for turning the red lights on signaling that the range is COLD and its safe to go downrange. That same person remains the lead until until everyone is back behind the yellow safety line and the range is declared HOT and the red light turned off.

5. All UNCASED firearms must be transported to the firing line, shooting bench, or rifle racks UNLOADED with empty chamber flag inserted in the chamber, and pointed directly UP while the range is HOT only.

6. All rounds fired must come to rest in the impact berm.

7. Pick up, and properly dispose of, all fired cartridge cases.

Note: At Club approved matches, events or training classes, you may see a deviation from the standard range rules. Please do not think that as a general member you can mimic these actions as the Match Directors, Event Coordinator, or Instructor have taken additional safety precautions ensuring that the bullets die in the berm and the participants act in a safe manner whereby a Variance has been granted by the Board of Directors that is specific to that match, event or training class. At no time does this variance apply to the general membership or any other match or event.


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