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 1. All rifle caliber firearms may be fired at paper target ONLY.

a. Clay shotgun targets (pigeons) may be used as targets and must be placed on the face of the impact berm no higher than 48 inches measured from the ground to the top of the target.

b. Under no circumstance is anyone to place clay pigeons on, or staple targets to the wooden cross ties that protect the metal target stands.

2. Single shot or lever action rifles of any caliber that utilize black powder or modern smokeless powder loads are allowed.

3. Side Berms are NO SHOOT Protection Berms!

4. No shots may be fired from under the sheltered cover.

5. All shots fired MUST BE within 30 yards of the Impact Berm.

6. Metal Swingers may only be placed at the base of the Impact Berm.

a. Minimum distance between the shooter and the metal target is 25 yards!

b. The top of metal swingers may not exceed 48” in height measured from the ground to the top of the metal.

c. All shots fired at metal targets must be fired in a manner to avoid the possibility of ricochets.

d. Rimfire or centerfire handgun caliber may be fired at metal targets on the Action Range. Firing of centerfire rifle caliber firearms at metal targets is PROHIBITED!

7. The Club provides target frames that have been shortened and are placed in the four steel target stand pipes located at the base of the berm in the center of the range. Members MAY NOT use target frames from the other ranges as they are too tall and do not ensure that all rounds come to rest in the impact berm. When patterning your shotgun, please bring your own target frame.

8. Portable target frame holders may be placed at any position that:
a. Are within 25 yards of the Impact Berm, and
b. Ensures that all rounds fired will die in the Impact Berm.

9. All rounds fired must come to rest in the impact berm.

10. Pick up, and properly dispose of, all fired cartridge cases.

Note: At Club approved matches, events, or training classes, you may see a deviation from the standard range rules. Please do not think that as a general member, you can mimic these actions as the Match Directors, Event Coordinator, or Instructor have taken additional safety precautions ensuring that the bullets die in the berm and the participants act in a safe manner whereby a Variance has been granted by the Board of Directors that is specific to that match, event or training class. At no time does this variance apply to the general membership or any other match or event.


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