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MEMBERS ONLY CLUB: Open to the Public for Training & Matches


GTGC Members, Guests of GTGC Members, and Non-GTGC Members participating in GTGC Scheduled Competitions or Approved Events, must obey all commands issued by the GTGC Range Safety Officers while on Club property. This includes the requirement to display their GTGC Membership Card and/or State issued ID upon request by the Range Safety Officer.

Failure to obey the GTGC Range Safety Officer instructions will result in punitive action being taken against the violator. Punitive Actions may be, but not limited to: Immediate ejection from the GTGC property; Loss of GTGC Membership; and in the case of danger to persons or property, subject to emergency response by Law Enforcement Personnel.

FIRING LINE – A line from which gunfire is directed at targets on a range. Unless marked otherwise, the location of the firing line is along the front edge of the concrete and/or shooting bench at each range. It may also be identified by the presence of a 4-inch wide RED line painted on the concrete, or by RED signs with “FIRING LINE” stenciled in white on signs attached to the inside face of the metal or wooden support posts.

SAFETY LINE – Indicated by a 4-inch wide YELLOW line painted on the concrete located several feet behind the Firing Line. No one is allowed in front of this line when other people are downrange, and the line is “COLD”. “LINE IS COLD” – Command and acknowledgment that all firearms are unloaded with the actions, bolts or cylinders opened and no handling of firearms is allowed. “LINE IS HOT” – Command and acknowledgment that firearms may be handled, loaded and shooters may commence firing.

READ and OBEY all POSTED RANGE RULES. The POSTED RANGE RULES are specific to the range on which they are POSTED.

1. ALWAYS keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, usually downrange.

2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to shoot.

3. ALWAYS keep your firearm unloaded until ready to use.

4. ALWAYS keep the action open while people are downrange.

5. NEVER handle/touch a firearm while people are downrange checking or changing targets.

6. All firearms must be unloaded, ACTIONS OPEN (slides back and bolts or cylinders open), except when firing from the firing line. All firearms on the firing line must have the muzzle pointed downrange. No person is permitted downrange until all shooters on the firing line have made their firearms safe by unloading, leaving actions open, and have communicated and acknowledged to all others that the line is “COLD”. Shooters may now go downrange.

7. DO NOT HANDLE/TOUCH ANY FIREARMS WHILE PEOPLE ARE DOWNRANGE. This includes cleaning, adjusting sights, or moving gun rests. This also includes moving rifles or shotguns from the storage racks  at the back of the range to the benches or firing line. EVERYONE must step behind the YELLOW safety line while the range is “COLD” to ensure no firearms are being touched.

8. Ammunition and magazines may be handled BEHIND the YELLOW safety line while people are downrange. However, you MAY NOT approach the firing line to retrieve magazines or ammunition while people are downrange. Absolutely NO firearms may be handled behind the YELLOW safety line while people are downrange.

9. Once all shooters have returned from checking their targets downrange, and it has been visually confirmed that no one else is downrange or in front of a firing line, then shooters must communicate and acknowledge with all other shooters that the range is “HOT”. Shooters may now approach the firing line, handle their firearm to clean or make any necessary sight adjustments, load the firearm, and commence firing at their target.

10. Eye and hearing protection are required for everyone. Hats are encouraged but not required.

11. Know what to do during a CEASE FIRE: STOP, DO NOT MOVE! SERIOUSLY, STOP, as this may prevent a negligent discharge. When cleared to do so, set down your firearm, pointed downrange, and STEP AWAY from the shooting booth (or bench). If there is a Range Officer(s) on present, they will give instructions from that point and/or secure all firearms. Anyone can and should call CEASE FIRE when they see something that is unsafe.

12. Transport of Firearms:

a. When possible, it is preferred that members and their guests use a gun case, range bag or gun rug to transport firearms. DO NOT bring your firearm to the range in a grocery sack.

b. All uncased/unholstered firearms being transported to and from the parking area, to and from the shooting ranges, and at any other place on GTGC property shall be UNLOADED and have actions or cylinders opened (or blocked with a chamber empty flag), the safety engaged, and magazine removed (if applicable), and carried with the muzzle of rifles and shotguns pointed up. NO EXCEPTIONS!

c. No uncased/unholstered firearms may be transported to or from the shooting ranges while the line is “COLD,” unless the designated Match Director or Range Safety Officer specifically allows it. Generally, this will only be allowed during extended “COLD” periods, and not while any member or guest is downrange.

d. DEFINITION - LOADED FIREARM: All firearms are considered LOADED if any of the following are true; if a cartridge is within any part of the firearm; if a clip or magazine is inserted into the firearm; or if the ACTION is CLOSED WHETHER OR NOT ANY AMMUNITION IS IN IT. e. Pellet, BB Rifles and Pistols, at GTGC, are FIREARMS and are subject to the same rules.

13. Targets must be placed so that when shooting paper targets all projectiles die in the impact berm. Take the extra time to look at the height of the target, your height in relation to the berm; are they aligned correctly so the bullets impact the center of the berm? When shooting metal targets, all metal targets must be placed so that the deflected projectile does not present a hazard to persons or property. (Refer 8 to Range Specific requirements for minimum distances for steel). NO CROSS FIRING! - Shoot the target directly in front of you!

14. All firing must be done from a designated firing line for each range. NEVER fire from either in front of, or behind, a designated firing line.

15. At no time will trash shooting be permitted anywhere on the range. This includes tin cans, glass containers, ammo boxes, etc., and/or other types of trash.

16. Do not use standard target frames for patterning shotguns. Use specified marked area and shotgun target frames only. (See diagram for location to acquire targets.)

17. Unserviceable target frames should be removed from the target house and placed on the ground adjacent to that target house.

18. Only one (1) target frame per shooter if range is crowded (50% of shooting benches/stations being used).

19. The firing of handheld or shoulder fired firearms is permitted on the appropriate ranges (See Specific Range Rules). Fixtures such as the Ransom Rest and Free Recoil Benchrest Rifles are also allowed.

20. The firing of Paintball marker guns and Paintball pellet ammunition is prohibited. Paintball pellets may not be used as targets.

21. The firing of any type of Tracer, Armor Piercing, Incendiary, or Explosive Projectile is prohibited.

22. FIRING OF ANY FIREARM CAPABLE OF FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE IS NOT PERMITTED. The use of any device that imitates full auto firing of rifles or pistols, such as burst fire, bump fire, binary triggers, hellfire triggers, etc., is not permitted. Also, any technique that simulates automatic fire is not permitted. Firearm Exception: Under the supervision of a GTGC Chief RSO, a military group, such as the United States Coast Guard, may shoot rifles capable of fully automatic fire provided that they are only fired in the semi-automatic mode during official training/qualification sessions.

23. Firing the 50 BMG, or any cartridge based on the 50 BMG cartridge case, is prohibited (includes .416 Barrett, .408 Cheyenne Tactical, .375 Cheyenne Tactical, .338 Talbot, etc.).

24. Per NRA recommendations, it is suggested that eating and drinking not be done on the firing line to avoid the possible ingestion of airborne particulate lead or other dangerous substances.

25. As a courtesy to others, smoking is prohibited on or within 20 feet of any firing line or building. 26. Any club sponsored match, event or training class requiring deviation from these SOPs must submit a written request for variance, including supporting rationale, for exception to the Director of Safety and Training two (2) weeks prior to the intended date of the match, event or class. 

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