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THIS RANGE IS FOR .22 RIMFIRE AND CENTERFIRE PISTOL CALIBER FIREARMS ONLY (HUNTER ARCHERY ALLOWED) ____________________________________________________________________

1. The firing of centerfire rifles, muzzle loading firearms or shotguns are PROHITED on this range.

2. Only Short/low hanging metal targets may be shot and at 50 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters, and 200 meters on this range (See diagram below).

3. Do not use target frames on this range as all rounds must die in the berms & they are only 3-4 feet high behind the target rails.

4. Pick up, and properly dispose of, all fired cartridge cases

5. Archery (includes Bow and Arrow, Crossbow, Compound, and Recurve Bows) is allowed on the North End of the Range but must coordinate with other shooters if present to observe standard hot/cold safety commands and hearing protection is required. Archers must provide their own target bales placed in the area indicated by blue on the diagram below. All arrows, cross bolts, etc. must stay within the range. Remove all target bales and clean up the area when finished.

Note: At Club approved matches, events or training classes, you may see a deviation from the standard range rules. Please do not think that as a general member you can mimic these actions as the Match Directors, Event Coordinator, or Instructor have taken additional safety precautions ensuring that the bullets die in the berm and the participants act in a safe manner whereby a Variance has been granted by the Board of Directors that is specific to that match, event or training class. At no time does this variance apply to the general membership or any other match or event.


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