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This is a mid-range rifle range. For the safety of club members and other people, who may or may not be on range property, certain rules must be observed. If you do not understand these rules, ask one of the Match Directors or Range Safety Officers for help. The 100-yard rifle range is a better choice for most shooters. _________________________________________________________________

1. All shooting shall be done from the elevated firing lines at 200, 300, 500 and 600 yards ONLY.

2. ONLY Rifles may be shot at this range. NO shotguns. NO handguns.

3. Single shot or lever action rifles of any caliber that utilize black powder or modern smokeless powder loads are allowed.

4. All members must ensure that they raise the red range flag located at the southern end of the 600- yard firing indicating that the range is active when anyone is anywhere on this range. The last person leaving the range is responsible for lowering the red range flag and stowing in the green PVC storage pipe indicating that the range is no longer active.

5. Shoot ONLY at approved targets, which on this range are paper or cardboard targets mounted near the center of the 6’ x 6’ target frames, with the target frame mounted in the steel target carrier in the pits ONLY. Targets may be bullseye, animal silhouette, human silhouette, etc., just so that they are paper or cardboard. No metal targets (swingers) are allowed nor are targets placed at any other location on this range.

6. DO NOT shoot at the target frame numbers placed on top of the impact berm!

7. Smoking is prohibited in the target pit area

8. All rounds fired must come to rest in the impact berm to the rear of the pit area.

9. Pick up, and properly dispose of, all fired cartridge cases.

Note: At Club approved matches, events or training classes, you may see a deviation from the standard range rules. Please do not think that as a general member you can mimic these actions as the Match Directors, Event Coordinator, or Instructor have taken additional safety precautions ensuring that the bullets die in the berm and the participants act in a safe manner whereby a Variance has been granted by the Board of Directors that is specific to that match, event or training class. At no time does this variance apply to the general membership or any other match or event.


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