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MEMBERS ONLY CLUB: Open to the Public for Training & Matches

Welcome to Golden Triangle IDPA

Matches are the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of Each Month on the Action range at GTGC
Set Up - 7:30 AM, Safety Meeting – 8:30 AM, Shooting Begins – 9:00 AM

Complete information about the International Defensive Pistol Association can be found at the official IDPA Web site at  GTGC IDPA follows the Equipment and Competition Rules as printed in the official IDPA rulebook (PDF), and must also comply with the safety rules of the ranges where we shoot. Specifically, these ranges require that we run a "cold" range during matches (guns are unloaded, magazine out, and hammer down except while firing), and require that we enforce a 180-degree rule: The muzzle of your gun must remain pointed down-range at all times, and cannot cross an imaginary line drawn straight across the range through your position and parallel to the backstop (If you are facing down range, and the backstop is at 12 o'clock, then your muzzle must stay between 9:01 and 2:59 on the clock).

Shooters must have the following basic knowledge and skills in order to safely shoot in our matches:

  • General range commands and procedures
  • Shooting stances
  • Sight picture
  • Drawing from the holster and re-holstering
  • Loading and unloading the firearm
  • Trigger control
  • Gripping and firing the gun with strong hand, weak hand, and both hands
  • Speed reloading (slide-lock and tactical reloads)
  • Reloading & moving with a drawn weapon (finger off trigger, muzzle down-range, always)
  • Shooting positions, including kneeling, prone, and barricade shooting
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • IDPA range commands and procedures (see rulebook)
Shooters lacking the shooting skills listed above should seek competent training.

New Shooters

At GTGC IDPA we require newcomers shooting IDPA for the first time to show up at least one hour before the posted start time of the match.  This will allow us enough time to get you signed in and to give you a basic safety and match-procedure briefing before the match begins.  For safety reasons, new shooters who arrive too late for a safety briefing cannot be permitted to shoot.  Even shooters with previous experience at other IDPA clubs will likely benefit from this briefing, and are strongly encouraged to attend.

Required Equipment

To participate in IDPA matches, you will need a handgun, a hip holster, several magazines or speedloaders, magazine pouches or speedloader holders, a sturdy gun belt, ammunition, eye and ear protection, and a cover garment. 

Just to set expectations, we'd like you to know that GTGC IDPA is a non-profit, all-volunteer, unpaid-staff organization.  All participants who are capable of helping out are expected to do so.  Shooters who wish only to "show up, shoot, and leave early" should look for another club.  Subject to physical limitations and experience, all shooters are expected to do their fair share of target-taping, helping to set-up and safety-check stages, and restoring the bays to their pre-match condition after the match.

  Andre Rosales, Match Director (409) 658-6114
  Cary Walker, Assistant Match Director (409) 273-6194

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Equipment and Competition Rules:
IDPA rulebook (PDF)

GTGC IDPA Safety Briefing (PDF)

Basic Equipment for IDPA

The following is a list of basic equipment needed for an IDPA match.  For more information see the Equipment section of the IDPA Equipment & Competition Rule Book (PDF document) and the documents cited below.

  • Eye protection 
  • Ear protection 
  • Pistol or revolver meeting IDPA equipment requirements (Note 1)
  • Strong-side hip holster meeting IDPA equipment requirements
  • Magazines, speedloaders, or moonclips (See note 2)
  • Double magazine pouch, single mag pouches, speedloader holders, or moonclip holders, as appropriate (Note 3)
  • Sturdy gun belt fitting holster and magazine holder slots securely
  • Cover garment: Vest, jacket, coat, long shirt, etc.
  • Ammunition meeting the IDPA minimum power factor in the Rule Book.
  • Range bag to carry the above items.

The following are highly recommended:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen lotion (outdoor matches)
  • Water
  • Snack
  • IDPA Rule Book

1) Practical concealed-carry or police patrol-type guns only - No highly-specialized competition-specific guns are allowed in IDPA.

2) You will need a sufficient number of magazines, speedloaders, or moonclips (generally, two or three at a minimum, depending on equipment division) to complete an 18-round-maximum course of fire using only these ammunition carriers (plus, for pistols, one additional round in the chamber at the start of the course of fire).

Be aware that IDPA limits the number of rounds in a magazine to ten in the ESP and SSP equipment divisions, and to eight in CDP and CCP divisions.  Revolvers in the Stock and Enhanced subdivisions of the REV division are limited to a maximum of six rounds in the cylinder.

3) You will need magazine/speedloader/moonclip holders to carry all but your first magazine, speedloader, or moonclip, which will be used to load the gun at the start of the course of fire.

4) Bring enough ammo.  If you do not know how many stages you will be shooting at a match, or what the total round count is expected to be, then bring at least 200 rounds.  While this may result in bringing too much ammo, this is certainly better than not bringing enough!  It is conceivable that an IDPA match might involve as few as 25 rounds or as many as 200 rounds.  There is no such thing as a "typical" IDPA match, so there is just no way to guess.

Please keep in mind the following quote from the IDPA rulebook when selecting IDPA equipment: "The main goal of IDPA is to test the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship."  Your IDPA equipment must be suitable and practical for all-day concealed-carry use.  Commissioned law enforcement officers and active-duty military personnel may use their standard-issue duty gear.

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