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Richard Worthey, President & Director of Safety and training

Mr. Worthey has over fifty years of experience in the safe use of firearms for personal self-defense, hunting, sporting, and competition events shooting pistol, rifle, and shotgun. ​He is a Benefactor Member of the National Rifle Association and a Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association. Richard is an NRA certified instructor in eight disciplines.  He is also a TxDPS certified instructor for LTC and School Safety Certification, as well as a Rangemaster certified master firearm instructor in pistol and defensive shotgun. He is an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and has graduated the NRA Club Leadership and Development Course, as well as the NRA Range Development and Operations Course.  Mr. Worthey is the Founder and Principal Owner of RW Defense, a company specializing in Firearm Instruction. Richard has been a member of the Club since 1978, he served on the Club’s Long-Range Planning Committee for ten years, and two terms as a Director-at-Large.  He has served as the Director of Safety and Training since 2017. He currently serves as the chairman of the Range Safety and Rules Committee. Richard has been instrumental in developing and leading the Club’s Training and Range Safety Officer program that provides firearm and range safety education, inspections, and compliance.

Charlie Shelton, Vice President 

Mr. Shelton has been a member of the Club since he moved to Texas in 2010, has served as the Match Director of the Smallbore Silhouette match for 6 years, and is now the Assistant Match Director. Charlie and his daughter and her husband have shot in a number of Texas and Louisiana matches in Smallbore and Lever Action Silhouette. Charlie even graciously let Mr. Ron Page beat him in a Louisiana State Championship Lever Action Silhouette match shoot-off in 2017 – so he is a team player. Charlie has been through basic training in the Army and Army OCS, he was a Platoon Leader in a Military Police unit in the Army National Guard in Maryland. Charlie has been an avid shooter since getting a Red Ryder BB gun at age 7 and shot Skeet competitively in Maryland. Charlie has been a business attorney for over 40 years and has worked on a large array of business projects for companies and has served on company Boards and advised company Boards.

Heather Avery, Director of Women’s Programs (& Club Secretary-Treasurer )

Heather has been a member of the Club since 2016, is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and a Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association, an NRA Training Counselor, as well as an NRA certified instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, CCW, and Refuse to Be A Victim. Heather is a Staff Instructor of RW Defense, is an TXLTC Instructor, a Range Master Defensive Shotgun Instructor, and an authorized Instructor at Golden Triangle Gun Club as well as a Chief Range Safety Officer for the Club.  She is a member of the International Defensive Pistol Association and an Alumni of Beaumont's Tri-Agency Citizens Police Academy.  Heather presently serves as the Director of Women’s Programs (The Pistolettes), a Member of the Range Safety and Rules Committee, the Club Budget Committee, the Club Insurance Committee, and manages the Club website and member software program. Heather also serves as the Club Secretary and Treasurer. Heather’s passion is to help students become comfortable with the safe use of firearms for personal protection and guiding them to the next level with further skill development opportunities.

James Reaux, Director of Security

James is a member of the Club in good standing who actively volunteers his time in support of the Club’s programs and objectives.  He was appointed to the position of Director of Security to fill the unexpired term of Ben Wilcox who passed away this past year.  James is an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, and a TCOLE certified Firearms Instructor.  He retired last year from the Beaumont Police Department after over 39 years of service that included patrol, SWAT team member, SRT team member, and Shift Sergeant supervising other officers in the Police Department. He continues to be active in law enforcement as a reserve officer and Firearm Instructor for Sour Lake Police Department, as well as an Advisor for the Beaumont Police Explorers post.  His experience and willingness to serve at the Club makes him an ideal candidate for Director of Security, and has already proven to be a very valuable asset to the Club and its members since taking on this important role.

Stephen ‘Doc’ Watson, Director of Media Relations

Doc Watson is a Certified Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and currently serves as the Firearm Safety Specialist on the Board of Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas. He frequently appears in local media to promote firearm safety, shooting sports and Club activities. He was chosen to attend the first FBI Citizens Academy in Southeast Texas as well as Beaumont's Tri-Agency Citizens Police Academy and participates in the Citizens In Action program with the Beaumont Police Department. Doc is dedicated to making our community safer and supports the 2nd Amendment by raising awareness of firearm safety and responsibility. He also serves on the Board of the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau. In addition, he specializes in conflict management and alternative dispute resolution, and for ten years was a trainer and a certified mediator with the Jefferson County Dispute Resolution Center. He is a published author and writes the monthly column, "Heat And Humanity", for the Business Journal of Southeast Texas, and offers his services as a keynote speaker and trainer through his company, Certain2Win. For many years Doc has offered beginners handgun safety training and has trained hundreds on new shooters through his program, Train2Shoot. He is an NRA lifetime member, a member of the Texas State Rifle Association, an authorized trainer by Golden Triangle Gun Club, and is a member of the 100 Club of Southeast Texas.

David Cheshire, Director at Large

Mr. Cheshire has been a member of the Club since 1991. He is a Life Member of both the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association and shoots Highpower matches, Military Rifle matches, and IDPA. His interests include military history, 20th Century military rifles, and blackpowder rifles. His goals for Golden Triangle Gun Club are to increase youth participation and to increase defensive firearm training and practice.

Diana Licatino, Director at Large

Diana has been members of the Club for over 30 years.  Diana’s husband got her involved in shooting and they have participated in some of the pistol matches. Diana loves to shoot pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Diana started participating with the Women’s Program in 2016 and took classes to become a certified pistol instructor and RSO.  Since then, she has attended 3 National Conferences and taken several classes from top professional shooters. Diana has participated in a National 3-Gun matches and a National USPSA pistol match.  Diana is also a member of IDPA is an active member of the Pistolettes and the RSO program. 

John Woods, Director at Large

Mr. Woods is an NRA Life member, TSRA Member and IDPA member.  He joined GTGC in 2005 and immediately began participating in IDPA. Soon after, he accepted the position of Assistant Match Director for GT IDPA, which also came with a seat on the GTGC Board.  A few years later he accepted the responsibility of Match Director for GT IDPA. During this time, he qualified as an IDPA Safety Officer & NRA Range Safety Officer.   In 2018 he was elected to serve as Member at Large on the Board. Mr. Woods says, “it has been an honor to be a part of the Club’s growth over the years. We have made numerous decisions that have improved our facilities, helped us attract new members, while providing us with a SAFE and enjoyable place to participate in all the shooting sports our range offers. I have shot at many other gun ranges and can say we are extremely fortunate to have the facilities, range and the amount of land we have. Our current Board is considering many improvements for our range to increase the safety, efficiency, and usability so our members will continue to have the best range in the Golden Triangle area”.


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